Cassy Heneault

Founder, CEO

Cassy Heneault is a proven leader in the New England cannabis market. She has successfully earned licensing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and worked with architects and engineers to design a state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and energy-efficient operation in Millville, MA.  

Passionate about diversity, Heneault is building a cross-disciplined team that reflects a radically different makeup to traditional cannabis companies.  Lifted Luxury comprises veteran members from Cassy’s former team and newly elevated cannabis leaders. 

Cassy’s robust experience includes a decade of sales practice, advising customers in maximizing their sales in the pet and beverage industries.  

Heneault holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Johnson & Wales University in Providence.  

Cassy lives in Glocester, RI, with her husband, Daryl who is Lifted Luxury’s CCO. 


Bryan Sforza

Head of Security

Brian will oversee our security department.  He is an Air Force Veteran and Military police officer with over 10 years of experience in specialized security.  

Bryan has held supervisory roles in Asset Protection, Nuclear Security, Property Management, and conducted Police Reporting for Investigations.  He will be an asset to have on our team as he will oversee all hired security guards.


Daryl Heneault

Daryl is an expert in cannabis cultivation and manufacturing.  His position at Lifted Luxury will ensure that the cultivation operates at the highest standard of quality and he brings decades of experience to the team.

Heneault hand selects the strains that Lifted Luxury will cultivate.  His expertise has gained recognition from genetics companies as he pheno-hunts strains.  He does not compromise on quality, using only the finest quality nutrients and innovation to produce high terpene exotic cannabis flower and extracts.


Josh Benoit

Josh Benoit has worked as the cultivation manager in the cannabis industry since 2017. He has an excellent work ethic and is a strong leader, working as hard as he expects his team to. His experience outside of cannabis has given him the ability to troubleshoot equipment in a pinch to keep the operation moving.

Benoit’s position will be to work with Daryl to develop and execute daily tasks for the cultivation team to ensure that the team is working to the standards expected by management.



Our retail team will always be composed of talented individuals who have years of cannabis experience in both medical and recreational markets.  We are currently looking for members to round out our retail team.  Positions we are hiring for can be found on our careers page.